NNO's objectives


The Norwegian Nurses Organisation's objectives are multi-faceted and focused on policies of professional, socio-economic and representational concern.

NNO’s social policies shall:

  • influence socio-economic conditions for the benefit of public health
  • influence the evolution of health care so that it is at all times directed toward promoting health, preventing and helping to solve people’s health problems
  • influence health serivces so that it meets the public’s needs and requirements in terms of quality and availability
  • work towards the goal of equality between women and men being realised in all areas
  • promote international understanding and solidarity, and fight for a society built on intercultural understanding and equality

NNO’s professional policies shall:

  • influence nursing education in accordance with the needs of nursing services develop nursing services and the nursing profession in accordance with the s needs for nursing services
  • facilitate and help nurses to develop their professional skills
  • develop high ethical nursing standards among nurses

NNO’s representational policies shall:

  • safeguard nurses’ organisational, technical, skills development, pay and labour interests.

NNO’s objectives, statement of principles, constitution etc.

The document presents the basis for The Norwegian Nurses Organisation’s work. We hope it will serve as a useful reference work for all the organisation’s members, as well as providing support for the daily work of NSF representatives. The document also includes ethical guidelines for nurses.