Nordic Nursing Terminology Network

The main purpose is to provide support in developing strategies, exchanging knowledge and experience.  The participants are appointed by the national nursing organisations and are experts in the field.

December 5 - 6 the group expanded to a Nordic Nursing Terminology Network (in addition Iceland and Finland), this year meeting in Oslo.  At this event each country provided presentations of the status and development of nursing terminology. The participants agreed that the nursing process is essential in structured documentation. Strategies for nursing education and terminology were discussed. In addition, challenges were identified in educating nursing students about the nursing process and standardized nursing language, and ways to solve the challenge identified by the Nordic countries.

Present at the Network meeting was:

Denmark: Jeanette Finderup, , Janne Due Sommerset

Finland: Ulla-Mari Kinnunen, Pia Liljamo

Iceland: Asta Toroddsen and Brynja Örlygsdóttir

Norway: Kathy Niemi Mølstad, Merete Lyngstad, Mariann Fossum, Grete Vabo, Unni Stensvold, Torunn Wibe, Sidsel Børmark, Christine Rygg, Ann Kristin Rotegård

Sweden: Inger Jansson, Jan Florin, Johanna Ulfvarson, Ingela Karlson, Cathrin Bjørvell, Viveca Busck Hakans, Agneta Perlkvist,