I am a Nurse – a song for all the world’s nurses

Av NSF, 23.07.2020

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) har gitt ut en sang dedikert til alle sykepleiere i verden for deres formidable innsats. Se den her.

Vokalene ble spilt inn av sykepleiere fra hele verden, inkludert Tongan Nurses Choir, hvor hver av sykepleierne tok opptak med sin smarttelefon. Les mer på ICN sine nettsider her.

Teksten omhandler de utfordrende aspektene ved sykepleie, men også gleden. Les teksten under musikkvideoen.

I am a Nurse

I have washed his naked body

I have combed her thinning hair

I have held his hand in the smallest hours

And shared in her despair


I have watched you getting better

I have seen your lows and highs

I have helped you back from the brink of death

And I’ve watched you fade and die


I am a nurse, I am a nurse


I have listened while you ranted

I have caught you as you fell

And I want you to know though it’s hard for me

I’ll still be there for you

I am tired and I am frantic

It can be a thankless task

But I’ll keep on being there for you

I’ll do whatever you ask


I am a nurse etc.


I have strength to carry on

Because I know what you are worth

Though we’re on our knees, we’re still here to please

The Most rewarding job on earth.


I am a nurse etc.